Rat Creek Ranch

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Current Project

Video Highlights

Easy Clean Coop Update

Here's an update on the coop.  How well it works and how little work my hens are doing.  Since I shot the video the hens have picked up production.  We are getting 6-7 eggs a day now.

See below under Past Projects to see how we built the coop.

Quick Tour

This is just a quick tour of the coop.  There are a couple of small details that we still need to work on, but the brooder area is ready for the chicks.  They arrive next week!

Baby Chicks!

The baby chicks are so cute.  We ordered from Cackle Hatchery this year for the first time.  We received two freebies, good thing too, because we lost one chick the first day.  It just was too weak and tired.  We tried sugar water and some other suggestions, but we still have 26 in the box until tomorrow.  Then 10 go to their new home!

Update Week 2

Some of the chicks went to school!

Here's an update on the chicks.  They are growing of course, it is always a joy to see how fast they change.
  1. midget white turkeys,
  2. ducks, homestead fowl
  3. Non-agressive geese, african geese, homestead geese

Homestead Package

This is a short clip from a few years ago in an old brooder house we had built from old patio doors .  It works very well as a brood house, but it is a pain to clean.  This shows the "Homestead Package" we ordered online.  To the right a  few pictures of the birds a couple of months later.
Planting without a sore back!
This has really helped this year with the planting.  Saves me bending over or crawling around on my hands and knees!

Past Projects

New Chicken Coop/Tractor

If you have ever kept chickens you know that cleaning a roost, pen or coop can be a real issue.  I litterally would rather abandon the structure and build a new one than clean one.  So, the Chicken Tractor idea really appealed to me.  I mean you just move the pen leaving the "fertilizer" behind.  We've been through four chicken structures in the 16 years we've been here.  Some were based on the tractor idea and some were actual structures.  All were cobbled together out of scrap material not designed and built on purpose.  This time I decided we were going to design and build one from mostly new materials.  (I don't believe in wasting anything and neither does my husband.) So here's what we did.
  1. poultry coop, Fowl yard
  2. chicken tractor, duck yard
  3. Managing Director
  4. Chicken tractor
  5. chicken tractor
  6. fowl enclosure,
  7. poultry enclosure
  8. Chicken coop
  9. mobile chicken coop
  10. duck, turkey, poultry, fowl coop
  11. brooder house, chicken roost
  12. chicken brooder
  13. poultry brooder
  14. brooder house
  15. chicken shelter
  16. coop roof
  17. Chicken eat mice,
  18. nest box, brooder box
  19. chicken ramp
  20. easy clean chicken house
  21. closable ramp
  22. nest boxes
  23. nest box  stay open hinge
  24. nest box hinge
  25. chicken nest box
  26. nest box door
  27. coop trays, easy clean chicken coop
  28. easy clean chicken coop
  29. poop tray
  30. secure coop
  31. sealing the edges
  32. hardware cloth, roost vent
  33. chichen roost
  34. warm brooder, brooder lights
  35. brooder lights
  36. thermometer, keeping chicks warm
  37. chicken tractor, mobile chicken coop.
  38. Chicken Tractor


The best kind of "housework" as far as I am concerned.  This years' temporary greenhouse is up running and almost full.  Two more bags and the seeds to fill them.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director